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254 Refill Scented Candle


Scented candle refill made of wax from organic soy with a scent inspired by the multi-sensory power of the Swedish sauna – a warm and oozing blend of cedar wood and pine tar with a hint of fresh birch leaves.

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Made in Sweden

About the product

Scented candle refill made of wax from organic soy with a cotton wick and anchor as well as a wooden wick-holder with a burn time of more than 45 hours.

Bastu is the Swedish word for sauna, a tradition which represents a process of renewal. Inspired by the multi-sensory power of this experience, L:a Bruket crafted a new scent: Bastu. Through notes of scorched cedar wood and pine tar, a warm olfactory scene is revealed, where steam blends with a hint of fresh birch leaves.


A both grounding and elevating scent, it brings warmth to the house in the cold winter months.


Wax from organic soy with a wick from organic cotton.
Cedarwood/ Pine tar/ Birch leaves.

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How to use

Wash your candle glass/ container by hand with warm water and make sure it is really clean. Be careful not to pour any residue of wax down the drain as it may clog the pipes. Remember to use a container that is fireproof, heat resistant and suitable for a scented candle.
1. Cut open the bag completely and take out the wick, wooden wick-holder and the instruction.
2. Remove the protective seal from the sticker on the bottom of the wick and place the wick centered at the bottom of your container. Pull the wick through the hole of the wooden wick-holder and place the holder over the middle of the container to keep the wick in place.
3. Place the bag in a microwave oven, alternatively in a pan of boiling water. Max effect on the microwave is 650W. All microwave ovens are different so start by taking the bag out after 30 seconds to see how much the wax has melted. Repeat every 30 secondsuntil the wax has melted completely, approximately 2-3 minutes. A little longer for a water bath, approximately 5 minutes. Be careful not to overheat the wax as it may affect the final result.
4. Take out the bag carefully and pour the wax into your container. The wax will be hot, be cautious when pouring to avoid burn injuries. Excess amount of wax can be saved for a later occasion.
5. Let the wax harden for at least 2 hours before you light the scented candle.

Natural and organic skincare made on the west coast of Sweden with a simple philosophy: innovation driven by nature.