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These terms and conditions apply for purchase from our online shop. Please read them carefully before ordering products from us. In order to make a purchase you must accept these terms and conditions and by doing so you agree to all that is stated below.

Both legal entities and private persons may place orders in the online shop. These terms and conditions apply to both consumers and legal entities. Note that the terms and conditions differ in some parts depending on if you place the order as a consumer or as a representative of a legal entity. In these terms and conditions “you” shall in relevant parts be interpreted as the legal entity you represent.

L:a Bruket is a Swedish company that is subject to Swedish law including EU regulations and directives. Furthermore, L:a Bruket strives to always comply with mandatory consumer protection laws and regulations where you as a consumer has your country of residence. L:a Bruket cannot guarantee that these terms and conditions comply with all applicable mandatory consumer protection laws. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude or limit L:a Bruket’s liability with regard to any matter for which it would be unlawful for L:a Bruket to limit or exclude its liability according to applicable mandatory law.

L:a Bruket has the right to deny a person to place an order if the person, according to applicable mandatory law in his/her country of residence, has no legal right and ability to enter into a binding agreement with L:a Bruket. By placing an order you confirm that you possess the legal right and ability to enter into a binding agreement with L:a Bruket.

Please note that it is not possible to order from this online shop if you want to order products to an address in Korea. Instead, we refer you to make your purchase here.


All prices in the online shop include 25 % Swedish VAT and the choices of currency is; Euro (EUR), Swedish Krona (SEK) or US Dollar (USD).

The prices in the online shop do not include any payment- and shipping charges, billing- or handling charges, packaging fees and/or customs duty. When you are resided in a country outside of the EU and/or when ordered products are delivered to a country outside the EU, additional taxes and charges may apply.

Please note that if your delivery address is located in a country outside the EU, the VAT on products will be deducted at checkout, see “tax reduction” on the checkout row.

If the recipient refuses the parcel due to additional customs duties invoiced to the recipient at the time of delivery, L: A Brulet reserves the right to invoice the amount of these customs duties initially owed by the customer up to € 25 (£ 25 / 300 SEK).

The prices applicable are set at the date upon which you place your order.

We strive towards specifying extra costs in the online shop, but can only guarantee to do so as regards to products that are purchased by a customer in the EU.

We reserve for any price adjustments and obvious typing errors in the online shop, in advertisements or in marketing material. When L:a Bruket has an online campaign the price or offer will be valid until the product is out of stock or through the set period of time.

Product information

Our skin care products are marked with a Best Before Date. Up until this date we guarantee the product will keep its quality standard. The best before date is only a recommendation, why the product can be used way beyond the date, however e.g. function and scent may be degraded.

Since we are using natural ingredients, they may vary from one season to another depending on weather and soil conditions. This may affect e.g. the scent experience between different batches even if we are using the same formula. Please contact customer care, if you have any questions regarding our products.

L:a Bruket cannot guarantee that all products will look the same as the product images on the website or that the ingredients are presented in the exact same way on the web as on the labels, since this may change due to e.g. law regulations. However, we always strive to present our products correctly wherever shown.

The products sold by L:a Bruket conform to any mandatory Swedish standards, certifications and legal requirements. L:a Bruket does not take any responsibility for that the products sold in the online shop conform to any other standards, certifications, legal requirements or similar set out in any other country.

Stock availability

All products available for purchase are in stock if no other information is shown. If for some reason a product is out of stock when your order is due for shipping, you will be notified by email and have the option to keep your backorder and wait until the product is back in stock, choose another product or ask for a refund.

Use of information, pictures etc.

The information on our website/online shop is protected by, among others, intellectual property and marketing legislation. This means that trademarks, trade names, product names, images and graphics, design, layout and information on products, services and other content may not be copied or used without the prior written consent of L:a Bruket or its licensors. We may take legal actions against any unauthorized use without further notice.

Agreement and order confirmation

When placing an order, an agreement is entered into between you and L:a Bruket AB (for further company details, see clause 15 below).

When we receive an order from you, we will send an order confirmation by email. We recommend you to save this since it will make it easier for you if you should need to get in contact with our Customer service, Forwarding agents etc. This is also your receipt upon purchase.


You can pay your purchase using the payment methods described in the online shop. We reserve the right to not always offer all payment methods to all customers. If you are paying by bank- or credit card the payment transaction is carried out in cooperation with our payment service provider Adyen.

If you are paying by invoice L:a Bruket’s right to receive payment and all other rights associated thereby are assigned to Klarna. Payment by using invoice may therefore only be done to Klarna and Klarna’s terms and conditions will apply in addition to these Terms. Click here to view Klarna’s terms.

All products remain the property of L:a Bruket until payment is made in full.


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