Winter rituals of well-being

In Sweden, we celebrate wintertime with rituals full of joy, pleasure and fun, closely connecting ourselves to nature. Discover a collection of seven limited edition gift sets inspired by Swedish winter wellbeing rituals: the perfect present for friends and loved ones.

  • Winter morning gift set

    Winter morning gift set


    2 x 240ml

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  • Winter day gift set

    Winter day gift set

    Bergamot / Patchouli

    14g - 30ml

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  • Winter night gift set

    Winter night gift set

    Mandarin / Lavender / Cedarwood / Hinoki

    50g - 50ml - 120ml

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    Regular price $83.00 Sale price $66.00
  • Winter solstice gift set

    Winter solstice gift set


    260g - 10ml

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Winter rituals

Our campaign imagery invites you to follow mother and daughter, Elsa and Ann-Charlotte, on an adventure into a snowbound Swedish landscape. Playful moments captured in the middle of the wild and frozen hinterland. The duo enjoys traditional rituals of selfcare: the warmth of the bastu, plunging into ice baths, dancing in blizzard drifts.

  • Winter morning

    The essential bodycare duo for a morning ritual designed as a sensory stimulating and invigorating wake-up call to start the day.

  • Forest shower

    Experience the calming, soothing effect of a Swedish forest at home through this body ritual.

  • Winter day

    The must-have duo for healthy hands and lips all winter long to take with you on-the-go.


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