Forest Pledge

Our commitments

Through our work at L:a Bruket we draw a lot of insight and inspiration from our surrounding natural environment. We seek out the traditional and contemporary ways in which extracts from our natural environment can be used to benefit our health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on the skincare, haircare and home fragrance. Our relationship with nature can therefore be one-sided; looking to nature for our answers we miss the important questions facing the future of the environment. Forest Pledge* is our first step towards a more reciprocal relationship.

While Sweden is covered 70% in forest, you’d be forgiven for thinking the forest is not a major environmental concern. However nearly all the forest in Sweden is man-made, the true old-growth boreal forest ecosystems have almost disappeared.

Old-growth forests absorb 10% of global carbon. 70% of all carbon in old-growth boreal forests is stored in the ground. Forests disturbed by clearcutting and replanted for logging release a lot of that carbon, most of the carbon in the removed trees is transferred to the atmosphere within 5-10 years. Replanted forests and plantations to offset consumption are not effective at counteracting the environmental concerns that cause global warming. In fact they can even make things worse. In-short, protecting our remaining old-growth forest ecosystems is critical to life on earth.

Inspired by the forest, our Spruce body care line will now be a part of our new Forest Pledge initiative. Beginning permanently from February 3rd, L:a Bruket will pledge 5% of net worldwide sales across our full Spruce product line to Naturarvet, a collection foundation with the objective of acquiring old-growth forest in order to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

* Terms of Forest Pledge
The nature of the Agreement (“Forest Pledge”) is based on the following: L:a Bruket offers to support Naturarvet and to communicate the purpose and activities of Naturarvet to its international customers in all markets. The support will consist of, but is not limited to activities or the calculation related to, the transfer to Naturarvet of 5% of L:a Bruket net sales, generated by any product belonging to the Spruce body category, excluding sachet samples / gift with purchase and similar promotional tools (“the Products”), to direct consumers through L:a Bruket´s boutiques and ecommerce platform, as well as to L:a Bruket´s wholesale partners and subsidiaries. The support will enable L:a Bruket to, amongst other things, claim that their contribution has secured the preservation of old-growth forest according to the concept presented by Naturarvet with identified place and size of area.

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