Nature is the source of our inspiration and ingredients. We owe so much to our environment, it is therefore crucial for us to minimize our impact over it. For this reason, we always strive to make decisions and grow in a way that maximises sustainability and ethical working practices.

Made in Sweden

All our products are made in Sweden, a country in which we have often had to learn to live alongside harsh weather conditions. In our home town of Varberg that has over 200 years of Spa culture, learning to use different methods of sea-therapy and source products from nature itself such as clay and algae to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, are age-old techniques.

With our innovative formulas, we apply a modern mindset to some of these techniques, bringing the wholesome and healing nutrients of our Swedish sea to your homes.


Our ingredients are inspired and sourced from nature. From seaweed, to essential oils, along with natural foaming agents derived from coconuts, every single ingredient included in our products have been specifically selected for their qualitative aspect as well as the nourishing and protective properties they offer. Our products are rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that come from nature itself.

Natural ingredients don’t only benefit us, they also benefit our planet. Unlike synthetic ingredients they don’t have complex and polluting production methods.

COSMOS certification

From the moment our first formulas were created years ago, ensuring that we only used natural ingredients of the highest quality, and developed our business in a sustainable and ethical way was always one of our top priorities.

The COSMOS certification is a pledge of trust to our consumers and proof that we offer high quality organic and natural cosmetic products. As a result of this certification our consumers have access to transparent and verified information on the content of natural/organic ingredients of the products, as well as on their sustainable production methods.

COSMOS certification verifies that:

  • The production processes for each of our raw materials and end products are environmentally and human-health friendly, as well as modelled on Green Chemistry;
  • We use natural resources responsibly and respect biodiversity to preserve natural balances;
  • Our packaging is responsible, recyclable and/or recycled;
  • Our formulas do not contain petrochemical, silicones,
    parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrances and dyes;
  • We do not use GMOs and nanomaterials.

Forest Pledge

Forest Pledge is our first step towards a more reciprocal relationship with nature, one where we give back, rather than simply take.

Protecting old growth forests is crucial for the future of our planet. Old growth forests absorb 10% of global carbon, and 70% of that carbon is stored in the ground. When these forests are disturbed by clear cutting and replanting for logging, most of the carbon stored in the cut trees is released into the atmosphere. Replanted forests are not effective at counteracting global warming, and even in Sweden, where 70% of the country is covered in forests, nearly all of them are man-made.

For all these reasons, L:a Bruket has decided to pledge 5% of net worldwide sales across our full Spruce product line to Naturarvet, a Swedish charity who collects money to buy old-growth forest land, protecting it indefinitely.

This is only the first of many steps towards building a more proactive approach to protect our environment and planet on a global scale.

Packaging and refills

We are continuously looking for ways to improve our environmental impact.

Our packaging is made of plastic, paper, aluminium and wood. We use PET for our largest packaging batches as it requires the least energy (and therefore carbon) to produce in comparison to virgin plastic, glass or aluminium.

As we ship worldwide we take into consideration the weight of our products in order to reduce our carbon emissions. We therefore only use heavier materials such as glass for our smaller products, this also helps to reduce breakage and waste.

We ensure that our packaging is easy to recycle, and that it is also robust enough to last long past a single use. This has enabled us to offer refills on 13 of our best-selling items, from shampoos, to skin care, and even candles, you can keep your original packaging and simply refill it when needed.

In order to all the more limit our impact on the planet and reduce waste, we have also ensured that some of our items such as our sheet masks are completely biodegradable.


Natural Swedish Wellbeing