In Sweden, the annual festival of Midsommar sees all rejoicing in the arrival of the summer solstice. Much more than just the longest day of the year, it marks a fresh beginning amongst the eternal cycle of the seasons. In a cheer of wondrous age-old traditions, we come together to celebrate our connection to each other and closeness to nature.


At this time of year, the land is truly in bloom. The midsommarstång (maypole) becoming a symbol around which we dance. Laced with leaves and petals, it speaks of renewal and ancient fertility rites. 


A day of feasting.

At Midsommar, we forage for wild strawberries to finish our joyous banquets. The magic healing powers of flowers and herbs were once believed to be at their strongest at solstice.


The night before, we dress our houses with greenery as a backdrop to a day ahead of wild celebration. Ending that evening with a skinny dip in the nearest lake – a refreshing break after all the revelry.


The winter months are far behind us, this collective release is a reunion under the sun's warm embrace. A moment to cast away stress and, with every breath, take in the positivity and scents of summer.

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