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Lagom – the Swedish art of living

Lagom, which means \"not too much, not too little, the golden mean\", is the Swedish art of living well. A trend that is part of the principle of slow life: take your time, reconnect with nature and live at your own pace.
Today, this art takes over our interiors, for a soft and soothing atmosphere, respectful of the environment and personal well-being.

Here are the four pillars for a Lagom interior:

1-Tidy up
This is essential to allow the surrounding energy to flow freely and facilitate letting go and relaxation.
Take advantage of this spring cleaning to get rid of all the bulky items that have accumulated unnecessarily. A doubt? Ask yourself if it makes you happy, if not, get rid of it.

2- Let nature in
A Lagom decoration must integrate the five natural elements (water, fire, wood, metal and earth). These can be represented by different objects.
Water, through a vase or a mirror, very useful for reflecting light and enlarging a space.
Earth, with porcelain or ceramic objects (vase, sculpture, etc.).
Metal, with hard stones (marble table, shungite pebbles…).
Wood can be represented by plants (Bamboo, Orchid ...) which in addition to being aesthetic, also help to clean and purify a room while creating a proximity with nature conducive to well-being
Fire is intimately linked to light, heat: relax and light one of our candles. Based on natural and organic soy wax, our scented candles will bring harmony and softness to your interior, while being part of this natural approach that respects the environment.

3- The choice of colors
In decoration, the choice of colors must be well thought out. Colors have an influence
on our body and our behavior. This is the principle of chromotherapy, an alternative medicine that uses their properties to treat various disorders. For example, blue is synonymous with tranquility and fullness, helps promote sleep. Conversely, red, a powerful color, can rekindle motivation. The orange would help to feel optimistic, while the pink would help calm the stress accumulated during the day.

4- Develop your senses
Aromachology uses the scent of specific essential oils to derive the desired benefits and regulate one's emotions.
Mandarin, lavender and cedarwood, known for their relaxing and soothing power, are at the heart of our pillow mist. In case of insomnia, spray a few drops on your pillow and sheets each night before going to bed.

As home office becomes more and more popular, the Lagom lifestyle can help you optimize your workspace for combine well-being and performance. If possible, set up your desk near the window to take advantage of natural light. Some green plants will help you increase your concentration and productivity. When it comes to color, choose red, orange or yellow to energize you, or white, gray or beige to promote reflection. These touches of color can be provided by the walls, decorative objects (vase, candle ...) or even clothing.

Natural and organic skincare made on the west coast of Sweden with a simple philosophy: innovation driven by nature, not chemicals.

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