Vinterbadare – Winter bathers

Swedish heritage

Nevermind hi-tech cryotherapy or the Wim Hof method, like many others in Varberg, Carolina, Malin and Helene bathe in the near freezing sea on a regular basis. Cold-sea-bathing is a long-held tradition in Varberg, where generations of brave swimmers have instinctually recognized the health benefits of an ice-cold dip, benefits that contemporary science now backs-up.

'I’ve been bathing in the sea once a week for one and a half years. It’s freezing when you walk down to the sea and shed your clothes, the cold wind hits your skin, but you know the feeling that follows a cold swim: It’s a feeling of awakening; it makes me stop for a while, it increases my consciousness and makes me feel alive.’ – Carolina.

For those that can’t make it to a cold ocean, a bath infused with our Seaweed and Salt bath, followed by a cold shower as a great substitute. We recommend to first exfoliating the skin to clean out the pores, and then following the cold shower with a body oil to further nourish the skin.

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